“pieces that are both joyous and intriguing, graceful and potent” – Tim Boughton, Gallery ArtLA, Santa Monica, CA



Arthur Jacob is a creative fine art photographer who has been described as an artist who has gone into the national and international arena. His creative versatility has propelled his art into many homes, medical facilities and other non-residential spaces. He produces art in a variety of sizes and substrates, which are attractive to individual buyers as well as interior designers and architects to tests the limits of photography and renders the known natural world mysteriously new.  

He is frequently asked about his approach to his creative work. Jacob responds by saying “My canvas begins as a photograph and the mouse as my brush. From that point on, my creative work focuses on exploring shapes, colors, and movement that are in the photograph. I don’t record the steps taken to achieve this focus, so each work is unique and new. This allows me to take a new journey of discovery with each piece I create.



A multiple art award-winner, he has received recognition in several venues including Best In Show, “Pictures in Progress” at the regional arts center in Naples, Florida, and Award of Excellence and inclusion in juried online exhibitions held by Manhattan Arts International. Jacob is a recipient of three awards from the Medial Museum in London, England. He was a winning artist in Cover Competition for the inside front cover of the Winter/Spring national print and electronic magazine.  

His art also made an appearance in an episode of HGTV, “Million Dollars Homes”. Jacob was a featured artist in an article “Art In Full Bloom” in the art section of Luxe Beat Magazine, and “More Colors Than The Rainbow,” ArtLA Online Magazine, Santa Monica, California, and Professional Artist magazine.  

He has had several solo exhibitions including one at the Bergamot Station Arts Center, Santa Monica, CA.  


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