“pieces that are both joyous and intriguing, graceful and potent” – Tim Boughton, Gallery ArtLA, Santa Monica, CA

How Did It All Begin?


As early as I can remember my sense of sight was the strongest of all five senses.  As I grew older I began to do all sort of art projects but always with a sense of bold colors, shapes, and movement.  

In 2003 we had just moved to a different house and while unpacking we discovered this box with a digital camera in it.  I was told in no uncertain terms “Use it.”  I started taking pictures of almost anything and particularly buildings.  A couple of years later we moved to Las Vegas and in addition to shooting buildings or whatever, I began doing portfolios for new artists in Las Vegas.  Late one night, while touching up an image in Photoshop, I accidentally pushed the wrong key and everything before me changed into shapes and a lot of movement.  I added a little bit of color and that was it, I began a new creative adventure which continues to this day.

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