“pieces that are both joyous and intriguing, graceful and potent” – Tim Boughton, Gallery ArtLA, Santa Monica, CA

Before and After

Sometimes people want to know what the original image was and how did I get to what the final image is.  Well, it is a compilation of filters and techniques that through journey and discovery, I come up with a new work.  

When doing a photo shoot, I focus on what I perceive as the potential of an image. 

Another way to say that is “I focus on the intuitive rather than technical aspects of a photograph.  Other photographers focus more on camera settings and other technical aspects of their camera. One style is not better than the other.  They are just different.

The photograph that I shot on my shoot becomes the starting point or my canvas.  During this journey of discovery, I use several different digital filters in such programs as Photoshop, Corel Paint, one1 software, Topaz and other tiny programs that I have pulled from the apple app store. 

I am a big believer in Discovery and the “Ahhh” factor” because at some point the journey and discovery come upon a collection of filters and techniques that create an “Ahhh” moment.  That is when I know that it is the time to stop. 

Let me show you three examples of how I started out and the resulting new work or “Before and After.” 

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