“. . . his expertise of using darks and lights, soft and bright, and subtle as well as brilliant hues.
-Ellen Fisch, Internationally known Abstract Photographer

“. . . pieces that are both joyous and intriguing, graceful and potent” -Tim Broughton, Gallery ArtLA

What Is Fine Art Photography

Art is the primary method through which an individual attempts to share their view of the world around them with others. Art has existed for hundreds of thousands of years and has taken many forms over the centuries. The earliest humans attempted to preserve knowledge and culture through crude sculptures and drawings, many of which can be seen in museums and archaeological sites to this day.

Greek and Roman culture fostered an explosion of art through sculpture and architecture, and the Italian Renaissance gave us famous works such as Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Michelangelo’s “David”.    

Photography is the result of scientific achievement, originally a combination of mechanical design and chemical reaction to light. Today’s cameras do without the chemical reaction, instead of allowing digital processing of light which leads to high-quality images.  


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